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Dominic Mann Visuals is a full-service video production
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What We Do

Dominic Mann Visuals works across the board on a number of different video productions, including documentary cinematography, non-profit videos, network TV news coverage as well as films for institutions and associations


The Dominic Mann Visuals team includes producers, cinematographers, assistants, and designers — all of the elements needed to bring life to your vision. The mobility and diversity of our unique team as well as our scalability ensures a flexible approach to meet the specifics of your project and storytelling needs.


Our production team utilizes cutting edge yet appropriate equipment to ensure you receive the best experience at the best cost.  We deliver a product that tells your story according to the aesthetic and style of your vision regardless of the scope, scale and complexity of the shoot. We do this while maintaining careful and close attention to the details of logistics and budget to ensure a smooth and efficient experience.


Our post-production team includes a multi-talented set of editors, motion graphics specialists, sound designers and more depending on the needs of the project. Each team member brings their distinctive perspective to the project for a collaborative result is innovative, stimulating, and long-lasting in its message and impact.

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Dominic Mann

Dominic Mann is a director of photography and video producer with over 12 years experience shooting national television, corporate films and documentary projects.

Dominic has extensive international experience leading projects in a variety of locations including Japan, India, Turkey, Poland, France and throughout the United Kingdom. He has taught film-making workshops for high-school aged students in International schools in Turkey and India and in addition has overseen documentary productions for educational nonprofit and nongovernmental work in India including programming focused on poverty reduction through female education in Kolkata, India.


For five years he led London-based production company SFM Digital, as creative director and director of photography.
Since moving to the US, he has been working closely with Washington, DC nonprofits, institutions, independent productions and TV networks, producing high quality, original films and content to meet their video and storytelling needs.

Recently he has worked with Life Pieces to Masterpieces, a Washington DC organization that helps young men overcome personal challenges through mentorship and leadership development to ensure educational success, to document and promote their services for fund-raising potential.



Our shoots are centered around the Canon C300 MKII digital cinema camera system and accessories. This camera system produces incredibly detailed and exceptionally rich images. It is capable of shooting high resolution, slow motion and 4K broadcast standard footage.

It is the camera of choice for documentary features and much of the broadcast news and television programming today.


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